How Foodyz got started? With not much time to cook and everyone having a busy schedule we most of the time end up eating or ordering from a restaurant. Many times we feel dissatisfied with the food consumed & end up with a sense of heaviness even after having a light meal. Having been there & experienced this I decided to fullfil my long desire to star up a venture of my own wherein we serve people good quality / quantity food using the best ingredients at affordable rates. Hence FOODYZ

The Concept

Foodyz was started with this concept of delivering restaurant style food with a homely touch. At Foodyz we use the best of ingredients (Sunflower Oil, Ghee, Butter & best of spices) to prepare the variety of dishes & choice is given to the customer to tweak the dish on order according to their taste and liking. We refrain from using Palm oil, local butter, dalda, soda & Ajinomoto in any of our dishes which in turn leaves the customer feeling light after a meal in terms of HEALTH. This can be checked by leaving a modest amount of gravy in the fridge for the next day to see that there is no solidified layer of oil on the gravy when Sunflower oil is used instead of Palm oil.


Today 11 months from where we first started we find ourselves overwhelmed with the ever growing base of satisfied customers who not only order on a regular basis but have invited us to cater to their visiting guests, plan their wedding anniversary parties, children’s birthday parties & also been given an opportunity by Vibgyor school to setup an exclusive counter at REVA Institute for their annual day children’s function where we were sold out on food in just under 2 hours.

FOODYZ has in the last few months signed up with web food portals like Just Dial, Zomato.com, Tasty Khana.com etc., from where customers can place orders & post their reviews. We are in negotiations with other food portals as well to have a listing so as to get a better visibility on the net. We also have in the month of December 2012 introduced acceptance of payment by Credit or Debit card at the customer’s doorstep which has convenience the customer to be able to order more & not worry about having to run to the ATM.

The road ahead looks bright and much more can be achieved with all the help from our present & future customer’s. We at FOODYZ look forward to your orders & a chance to serve you which we guarantee will leave you not only satisfied but a meal that you will remember.

Random Foods

  • Chicken Kalmi Kabab

    Chicken Kalmi Kabab

    Rs 140Zoom
  • Bendi Masala Fry

    Bendi Masala Fry

    Rs 120Zoom
  • Fisk Tikka

    Fisk Tikka

    Rs 180Zoom
  • Chilli Chicken

    Chilli Chicken

    Rs 160Zoom